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Freelancer Vs Employee: What's the Difference?


Imagine your perfect work week. Do you work for one company or do you have different clients? Are you in an office or do you work from home? How much flexibility do you need in your daily routine? Deciding whether it's better for you to work freelance or as a full-time employee depends on your own work style and what you want your week to look like. Being a freelancer and being an employee both have good and bad sides. Freelancers work for...

5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Freelance Business


Some people might believe that freelancing happens in isolation, but that's not true. Whether you're writing articles for a company's LinkedIn page or promoting your services through your website, being a successful freelancer means being good at marketing your own skills. To do this, you need to figure out the best way to market your small business. You might work remotely for several clients, mostly talking to them online. So, it's crucial to...