Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Businessd’Or handles information about you when you use our services. This includes our websites, communications like emails and phone calls, and mobile applications, all referred to as the “Service.” When we say “we,” “us, we mean either Businessd’Or LLC., based in Delaware, Mid Atlantic, or Businessd’Or LLC., located in the United States of America.


We might gather, send, and save details about you as you use the Service. This includes any information you send through the Service. We use this data to make the Service work, meet your requests, enhance the Service’s quality, conduct research and analysis, personalize your experience, monitor Service usage, give feedback to businesses on the Service, show relevant ads, promote the Service, support you, send you messages, back up our systems, prepare for emergencies, boost Service security, and meet legal obligations. Even if we don’t keep this information, it still needs to be sent to our servers first and stored long enough for processing.

  1. Account Details: When you make a Businessd’Or account, we keep and use the details you share, like your first and last name, email address, zip code, physical address, and any other information given during the account setup, such as gender, phone number, or birth date. We might show publicly the first name and last initial you give, along with any photo or content submitted during account creation, forming your account profile. Your preferences, like dining and activity choices, are stored to personalize your experience. You can update certain account information later in your account settings. If you suspect someone made an unauthorized account using your details, you can request its removal by flagging it.
  2. Publicly Shared Content: Anything you contribute to the Service is meant for the public to see. This includes your photos, ratings, reviews, tips, lists, bookmarks, collections, compliments, Ask the Community posts, Businessd’Or Talk posts, and edits to business page information. Your account profile details, like your first name, last initial, city, neighborhood, and the month and year you joined Businessd’Or, along with your profile photos and list of Businessd’Or friends, are also for public view.
  3. Inviting Friends: You have the option to invite people to join or be your friend on Businessd’Or. You can do this by giving us their contact details or permitting us to access your contacts on your computer, mobile device, or third-party sites. If you allow us to access your contacts, we’ll send information about them to our servers, but only for the time it takes to process your invitations or friend requests.
  4. Messaging: When you create an account or use specific features, you’re choosing to get messages from other users, businesses, and Businessd’Or. You can control some of your message preferences in your account settings, but keep in mind that you can’t opt out of certain administrative, transactional, or legal messages from Businessd’Or. For instance, if you book a reservation, order food, join a waitlist, or inquire about a quote through the Service, we or the business you’re interacting with on Businessd’Or may send you messages related to your transaction. This includes messages via SMS to your phone number if you provide it. We might also keep track of your actions in response to the messages you receive, like if you opened, deleted, or forwarded them. We could share this information with other parties involved in the messages, such as letting them know if you’ve seen their message. When a user seeks a quote or information from businesses through the Service, besides the request, we may share details with those businesses about the status of the user’s requests, whether a business responded, the type of response (like a quote or a request for more information), and if the user replied. If a business chooses to share its availability or schedule through the Service, this information may be used to check availability and schedule appointments.
  5. Transactions: If you make a transaction on the Service, like service buying, joining a wishlist, or making a purchase, we will gather and store the information you provide for that transaction. This includes your name, phone number, address, email, payment details, and any other information related to the transaction. The purpose is to process your transaction, send you transaction-related communications, and make future transactions easier. We might also use summarized or anonymized data from these transactions for analytics and to enhance Businessd’Or’s services. This data might be shared with third parties, and they may share similar information with us for the same reasons. When you share credit card numbers or sensitive payment information, we use industry-standard encryption technology to protect it. If you write reviews about businesses you transact with through the Service, we always keep the details private that you did business with them in connection with your reviews. For instance, if you buy our service, we may publicly note that you made comment on any purchased service in connection with that review.
  6. Professional Information: If you’re a business representative on Businessd’Or, we might gather and show information about your business activities. This could include a business name that might include your personal name or a publicly available business address that’s also your home address. Additionally, we’ll collect and display details about your professional background that you decide to share with us through the Service.
  7. Sensitive Personal Details: While using the Service, you can decide to let Businessd’Or gather and store sensitive personal information, like your exact location. You might also share other sensitive personal information when you post content on Businessd’Or, such as writing a review, sending a direct message, or sharing information in other ways. Additionally, you have the option to delete content that might contain sensitive personal information through your account settings.


We and our third-party service providers might use technologies like cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, and local shared objects (such as HTML5 and Flash, also known as “flash cookies”) in connection with how you use the Service, third-party websites, and mobile applications. These technologies also include advertising identifiers, like Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) or Google’s Advertising ID (GAID). These technologies, collectively referred to as “Cookies,” may contain unique identifiers and can be found on your computer or mobile device, in emails we send, and on our web pages. Cookies may transmit information about you and your use of the Service, such as your browser type, search preferences, IP address, data related to displayed advertisements or interactions, and the date and time of your usage. Cookies can either be persistent or stored only during a single session.


Third parties may engage with information about you in the following ways:

  1. Advertisers: We might share certain non-identifiable, de-identified, or aggregated information related to you with third parties for advertising programs and data analytics. Additionally, we share specific information, as detailed below, with businesses on Businessd’Or, which may or may not be advertisers.
  2. Content and Data Partners: We permit third-party partners to use and showcase some of the publicly available content on the Service, including your photos, reviews, and other details mentioned under “Public Content” in Section 1 above.
  3. Acquired Data: Businessd’Or could obtain information that helps us identify and reach out to representatives of local businesses from third parties. This acquired data may be combined with other information Businessd’Or obtains from or about you and utilized for the purposes outlined in Section 1 of this Privacy Policy.
  4. Businessd’Or’s Service Providers: These services encompass food delivery, communications and hosting, security and fraud prevention, technical and customer support, tracking and reporting Service usage, quality assurance testing, payment processing, marketing, and other functions. To enable these providers to perform their services or fulfill your requests, we share information from or about you with them. For instance, we may share your advertising identifiers (such as IDFA, GAID, or a cryptographic hash of your email address) with third-party service providers assisting us in managing Businessd’Or’s advertising programs and assessing their effectiveness. This includes collaboration with third parties who evaluate the success of Businessd’Or’s advertising programs by combining information received about you from sources other than the Service. Businessd’Or shares personal information with its service providers under conditions consistent with this Privacy Policy, ensuring that personal information is used solely on Businessd’Or’s behalf and in accordance with our instructions. Additionally, Businessd’Or’s third-party service providers may reciprocally share information with us that they acquire from or about you while providing their services or fulfilling your requests.
  5. Businessd’Or’s Function as a Service Provider: Businessd’Or gathers, receives, and processes specific details about you while acting as a service provider for businesses. For instance, when you use Businessd’Or to make a restaurant reservation or join a waitlist, we collect your phone number, email address, and reservation details on behalf of the business, then share that information with the business. Outside of its role as a service provider, Businessd’Or does not disclose information collected or received by Businessd’Or to the business or other third parties unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy or at your direction. Third parties may also share information about you with Businessd’Or for service-related purposes. The collection, use, and disclosure of your information by third parties are governed by the third party’s own privacy policy and any relevant terms.
  6. Business Transfers: We disclose information about you to our parent companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control. We ensure that these entities also abide by this Privacy Policy. In the event that another company acquires Businessd’Or, or substantially all of our assets, that acquiring company will have access to the same information. The acquiring company will handle, use, and disclose the information in accordance with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.
  7. Businesses on Businessd’Or: We might share details about you, such as your city, and if you provide it, your age and gender, along with your device type and how you use the Service (like which businesses you bookmark or call, or if you visit a business’s URL), with businesses on Businessd’Or. You can adjust your account settings to control the amount of information we share. It’s important to note that businesses can also see your public activity and posts, and they may receive information from or about you when you transact or communicate with them, through Businessd’Or or otherwise, regardless of your settings (refer to Section 1 above). Additionally, if you make a phone call to a business through or in connection with the Service, we may share information about your call with the business that they would have received if you had called them directly. This includes details like the date and time of your call and your phone number. You might have the option to limit our ability to collect and share your phone number through your phone settings or phone service provider.
  8. Links: The Service may provide links to websites controlled by third parties, such as a business’s URL. Unless otherwise stated here, we do not share your personal information with them and are not accountable for their privacy practices.
  9. Interaction With Third-Party Platforms: When you sign up for or log into Businessd’Or using a third-party platform such as Facebook or Google, or connect your Businessd’Or account with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we may obtain information about you from that third-party platform. If you post content on a third-party platform through the Service, that platform will also receive the content, visible to anyone with access through that platform. Some of our web pages use framing techniques to present content from third-party platforms while maintaining the Service’s appearance. In such cases, be aware that the information you provide may be directly transmitted to the identified third party. If you engage with businesses on Businessd’Or, they will receive information you choose to share with them, such as contact details through quote requests or direct messages, or your phone number if you call them. Businessd’Or may share information with third parties as directed by you through the Service.
  10. Investigations and Legal Disclosures: We may examine and reveal information from or about you if we genuinely believe that such investigation or disclosure: (a) is reasonably necessary to adhere to legal or law enforcement procedures, like a search warrant, subpoena, statute, judicial proceeding, or other legal process, or a law enforcement request; (b) is beneficial for preventing, investigating, or identifying potential misconduct related to the Service; or (c) safeguards our rights, reputation, property, or those of our users, affiliates, or the public, including disclosures associated with Businessd’Or’s Consumer Alerts program. If you report or express concerns about content through the Service, we might share the essence of your complaint with the contributor of that content to allow them the opportunity to respond.


Guidance on closing your account can be found here. While we will make certain public posts no longer visible or associated with your account profile, we may keep information about you for purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless prohibited by law. This retention may include preventing, investigating, or identifying potential wrongdoing related to the Service or complying with legal obligations. Residual copies of your personal information might also be maintained in our backup systems. It’s important to note that businesses cannot erase their business pages, ratings, or reviews by closing their accounts. Businessd’Or holds onto information for a reasonable duration, aligning with the purposes for which it was collected or as permitted or required by law. Starting in January 2023, additional information about Businessd’Or’s data retention practices can be accessed here.

  1. US & EU Data Retention Notice: Businessd’Or will retain your personal information for the duration reasonably necessary for the purposes outlined in Businessd’Or’s Privacy Policy. Once your personal information is no longer needed for those purposes, it will be scheduled for deletion. Certain types of personal information may only be necessary for a defined period. For instance, Businessd’Or generally does not keep precise geolocation information for more than one year. In contrast, some personal information may not have a specific retention period. For instance, Businessd’Or must maintain your account information while your account is active to continue providing Businessd’Or’s services.
  2. How can I deactivate my account?
    • For Businessd’Or Users: Closing your user account entails the removal of any content you’ve shared (reviews, photos, etc.) on Businessd’Or as a consumer. Once your account is closed, restoration is not possible. To initiate the closure of your user account, please submit a request for account closure.
    • For Business Owners: If you’re a business owner and no longer require access to a claimed business page, you have the option to unclaim the page or close your business account. It’s important to note that closing a business account doesn’t eliminate the business page from Businessd’Or, as business pages are generally not removed.
    • For Current Advertisers: If you are currently advertising, contact our Customer Success Team before canceling ads or closing your Businessd’Or for Business account.
    • Account Deletion: Closing your account removes specific publicly visible information from Businessd’Or. If desired, you can also request the deletion of data associated with your account, in addition to its closure. To make such a request, please send it to


We employ multiple safeguards to secure the personal information you provide, both during its transmission and upon receipt. Nevertheless, no method of transmitting information over the Internet or through mobile devices, or storing data electronically, is entirely foolproof. Despite our efforts to utilize commercially accepted methods for protecting your personal information, we cannot assure its absolute security.