While many people work for traditional employers, if you’re good at stuff like graphic design, writing, web design, or social media marketing, you might decide to work for yourself instead. Being a freelancer means you can work independently and set your own schedule. It’s a cool option if you like flexibility. Checking out the freelance jobs that pay the most can help you figure out what’s best for you.

This article shares details about 10 freelance jobs that pay really well. It tells you about their average salaries across the country and what those jobs involve.

Top 10 of the Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs

Lots of different companies, both small and big, often hire freelancers to help with their online marketing and building websites, and to finish tough projects. According to salary info from Indeed, freelancers across the country typically make around $23,908 a year, but the top earners can make at least $60,000 a year. So, here are 10 freelance jobs that pay the most, based on that data.

1. Technical Writer

Average pay across the country: $74,296 yearly

Main tasks: Technical writers use their skills to write detailed guides, manuals, and articles. Freelance writers often help different tech companies create detailed documents with complicated information. They might also edit existing content to make it easier for readers to understand.

2. Accountant

Average pay across the country: $59,606 yearly

Main tasks: Accountants analyze and update financial records and manage accounts. They make financial documents, forecast budgets, handle balance sheets, and sort out accounts payable quickly. When they freelance, they help companies stay financially healthy while focusing on other important jobs. Freelance accountants also handle tax preparation and filing to make sure companies follow federal and state rules.

3. Executive Assistant

Average pay across the country: $60,504 yearly

Main tasks: Executive assistants handle important administrative tasks for business leaders. They do things like entering data, taking calls, replying to emails, and organizing travel plans. They might also set up meetings, write messages for online platforms, handle requests from executives, and oversee other employees.

4. Public Relations Specialist

Average pay across the country: $76,102 yearly

Main tasks: Public relations specialists make and share content for clients on different platforms to boost their online image and reputation. They write press releases, craft interesting social media posts, check website stats, and monitor PR campaigns. They might also do market research to know what’s trending and plan ways to improve how people see their clients and make them more well-known.

5. Editor

Average pay across the country: $60,598 yearly

Main tasks: Editors organize and get written stuff ready for publishing, like books, magazines, online content, and newspapers. Freelance editors might work on different types of content, like editing stories or checking for mistakes in writing.

6. Web Designer

Average pay across the country: $56,866 yearly

Main tasks: Web designers write code for websites that show text, pictures, graphics, sound, and video. They plan how the website will look overall. They make new websites and make old ones easier to navigate. They might work with lots of clients to update websites, make backup files, fix code problems, and write or change content. Web designers also test different parts of the site to make sure they work and ask users for feedback.

7. Content Writer

Average pay across the country: $51,994 yearly

Main tasks: Content writers use writing to persuade and teach on behalf of their clients, to get customers interested and buying. They might write for online and print ads, detailed reports, product guides, and other marketing stuff. They also write shorter things like emails and product descriptions.

8. Human Resources Adviser

Average pay across the country: $73,244 yearly

Main tasks: Human resources advisers support employees, improve work relationships, and keep workplaces fair and safe. They help HR directors and senior managers with rules and make sure everyone follows them. They also help solve problems between people, set up good ways to hire new workers, and handle employee benefits.

9. Virtual Assistant

Average pay across the country: $40,842 yearly

Main tasks: Virtual assistants do administrative tasks for clients from a distance, often working from home. They set up appointments, answer calls, arrange travel, and handle emails and other online messages. Sometimes, clients might ask virtual assistants to do things like research markets, make presentations, or keep online records organized.

10. Computer Programmer

Average pay across the country: $68,620 yearly

Main tasks: Computer programmers make software using different coding languages. They give advice to find the best tech solutions for clients and can make things like video games, mobile banking apps, and other programs. They also fix problems with code and update software for clients. Like designers and writers, computer programmers often work for many clients at once when they freelance.


Thinking about freelancing? This list shows the top 10 jobs that pay well, like writing, designing, and managing online stuff. It breaks down what each job pays and what you’d do. Handy if you’re weighing up freelancing as an option!