You have valuable talents that you might not even notice. It’s common to overlook the things you’re good at because you use them every day. But what if I told you that what comes easy to you is actually really wanted by others?

Thinking about your skills this way can make a big difference in your job and help you manage your money better. For instance, if you love design, why not make some extra money by doing packaging design on the side?

Fiverr looked at what people were searching for on its website and found three trends that are becoming really popular. You might find it interesting, especially if you know about these topics already.

They looked at what people were searching for on Fiverr over six months, from the end of 2023 to the start of 2024, to get this data.

The results were shared in Fiverr’s Spring 2024 Business Trends Index. They found three important areas where freelancers, whether they’re doing it full-time or as a side job, can make good money by using their specialized skills in high-demand fields.

1. Helping Businesses with Consultation and Services

The report showed what businesses were looking for from freelancers and ranked them based on how much more people were searching for those services. For example, freelance trademark attorneys saw a huge increase in searches for their services, up by as much as 3,817%. The demand for freelancers in business statistics and economics also went up by 2,016% and 208% respectively.

What does this mean for you?

One possible reason for the increase in demand for trademark attorneys could be that more businesses and business ideas are emerging worldwide, especially since the pandemic and the rise of AI. If you’re experienced and skilled in assisting businesses with their data, analyzing insights to support decision-making, or intellectual property law, you might find yourself in high demand, especially on freelance platforms like Fiverr.

2. AI Services and Application

Businesses all around the world are focusing on implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to stay competitive. That’s why many companies are hiring freelancers to help them streamline and improve their operations, especially in areas like customer service, sales, and marketing.

As a result, searches for “AI influencer,” where a freelancer designs an AI-generated influencer for a company’s marketing, have surged by 6,305%. Searches for “AI SaaS” (software-as-a-service) and “AI chatbot” have also increased by 1,461% and 84%, respectively.

3. Packaging Solutions

If you’re good at creative and practical design and have the right tools, consider designing packaging for products you’re passionate about. Companies aim to create packaging that catches customers’ attention and boosts sales. It could be a great side hustle idea if you enjoy making designs that both look good and work well.

The data indicates that companies are looking for “mylar bag” design (search interest increased by 2767% in the last six months), “packaging box design” (up by 1214%), and “coffee packaging” (up by 804%).


Fiverr’s report points out three main areas where freelance services are needed right now. If you take advantage of these trends and recognize the value of your existing skills, you can increase your earnings and become an essential asset for companies in these industries.