With the help of football star Bukayo Saka and the UK agency Youth Beyond Borders, Ideatorr was created to support young and motivated entrepreneurs. The goal is to give them the skills, resources, and guidance they need to bring their social enterprise and community-based ideas to life.

Ideatorr connects these entrepreneurs with freelancers on Fiverr and taps into YBB’s expertise and mentor network to provide a supportive environment for their dreams. The first group of 12 entrepreneurs in the program will receive:

  • 8 weeks of live online curriculum covering topics across brand purpose, market research, etc.
  • 1:1 mentorship with inspiring mentors from Salesforce, The Inkey List, Manchester United, VC firms, and more
  • £1,500 in Fiverr credits and £1,000 in cash per entrepreneur
  • An opportunity for cash prizes at the final pitching event in December
  • Dedicated support and tailored freelancer recommendations from Fiverr CSMs
  • 1 year subscription to CreativeLive

Ideatorr fits with one of our main goals: helping people find work and opportunities. We want to support freelancers and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds who might not have many opportunities. By focusing on this goal, we are working to make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Inspiring Ideas from the Cohort

Learn more about the cohort’s inspiring ideas:

  • A hybrid platform for smart parcel lockers, making online library and book delivery services easily accessible.
  • An education opportunity finder, empowering young students to pursue higher education.
  • A celebration of sisterhood, providing safe spaces and opportunities for women and girls.
  • A purpose-driven food delivery app, empowering ethnic communities and delighting customers.
  • A student discount platform connecting big brands, small businesses, and local events.
  • A passionate platform supporting unsigned talent through music marketing and journalism.
  • A social media platform fostering genuine and lasting friendships based on shared skills and hobbies.
  • A social media app connecting black heritage students at university.
  • Financial literacy workshops guiding young adults towards a secure financial future.
  • Rediscovering board games through modern and creative designs, building a community around the product.
  • A women’s only gym tackling harassment and intimidation, creating a safe and empowering environment.
  • A mentoring platform providing underrepresented students access to apprenticeships.


Inspired by football star Bukayo Saka and Youth Beyond Borders, Ideatorr empowers aspiring entrepreneurs, connecting them with Fiverr freelancers and leveraging YBB’s mentor network. The inaugural cohort receives extensive support, including live online curriculum, mentorship, financial assistance, and tailored resources. Ideatorr aligns with our mission to create opportunities and catalyze positive change in underserved communities.